Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Why Online Forums are a Hive for Bullying

Why Online Forums are a Hive for Bullying

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Sweet treats offer!

Hello Everyone!

We all love a good bargain! What's better than a bargain that helps you save on your Christmas shopping?!

For this week only I am offering money off Pick n Mix sweet treat cones. These are usually £1.20 but this week are available for just 90p!

They are great to have as a stocking filler or a little gift at a party. They come in a cellophane cone tied with a metallic ribbon.

Sweets vary but include typical pick n mix favourites including: Shrimps, bananas, dazzle drops, cola bottles, show laces, white mice, buttons plus others!

Message me if you are interested or check out our facebook page www.facebook.com/calico.cards

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Santa's Magic Key has arrived!!

Does your house not have a chimney? Are your children wondering how santa will get in the house?

If you love the spirit of Christmas and want to keep it alive and magical then why not check out Santa's Magic Key?

It is a magical key which you can display throughout the Christmas season and then Christmas Eve leave the key in the porch or have your children put it outside before bed. The key is magic, only Santa can use it! In the morning watch your children's faces be amazed as the key has returned to it's cabinet and the presents have been laid out!

The key comes in a festively decorated cabinet so that you can have this item on display along with your other Christmas ornaments instead of just using it for Christmas Eve. The cabinet is free standing or you can mount it to a wall if you wish. The key itself is individually cut out of wood and is decorated with magic Christmas sparkles.

It can be used year after year and really keep that Christmas magic alive!

If you would like to order one then don't delay as they are in demand and in short supply! They cost £10.50 each plus £2.00 postage. Santa's Magic Key and Cabinet are unique to Calico Cards, you will not find this anywhere else.

Feel free to contact me or to check out my facebook page for more information www.facebook.com/calico.cards

Monday, 5 September 2011

Santa's Magic Key- Update!

We are working away here like busy little elves for the Christmas season! Santa's Magic Key will be released later this week!

Father Christmas likes to visit good little girls and boys every Christmas Eve and leave them presents. His preferred way to do this is to pop in through the chimney with his big bag of gifts, however, more and more houses now do not have chimneys or if they do then the fire may still be hot so Santa cannot get down it.

Children may wonder how Father Christmas can get into their house to leave them their special gifts if he cannot use a chimney well this is where the magic key comes in!

The magic key is very special, it is made just for Father Christmas and can be left outside/in the porch on Christmas Eve and he will be able to use it to let himself into the house- but only he can enter with it, nobody else can!

The magic keys that we are making here are very special as they can be used throughout the festive season as a decoration so not just put out on Christmas Eve but can be displayed before that too.

There will be two variations of the key so that you can have the option as to which one you would like:

1. A magical key which comes with a special key cabinet to store it in safely on the run up to Christmas. This key cabinet will be decorated in festive colours and embellished with glittery motifs. The cabinet can actually hold 3 magic keys so you could always buy more than one should you wish. The cabinet is free standing so can fit on a shelf or mantel piece or you could mount it to the wall it's completely up to you!

2. A magical key which comes with a festively decorated plaque for you to hang the key from on the run up to Christmas. This plaque will be painted in Christmassy colours and embellished with glittery seasonal motifs. It will need to be fixed to a wall or door but is only very light so just blue tac alone will secure it.

Photographs of the two key options will be available later in the week as well as prices.

Stock will be in limited supply and so if you are interested please get in touch soon!

The design of the key and the plaque will be completely unique to us here at Calico Cards so you will not be able to get this anywhere else!

please check out www.facebook.com/calico.cards or email calico_cards@yahoo.com for information.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Halloween fun!

At Calico Cards we have now made plaques up for you to decorate your spooky parties with. These are green and black and read Trick or Treat and are embellished with stars. You can request a different colour scheme or wording if you would prefer!

If you would like some bunting in halloween colours then get in touch!


Friday, 26 August 2011

Santa's Magic Key!

Does your house not have a chimney? Does your little one ask how Santa will be able to get in your house and leave presents?

At Calico Gifts we are busy little elves making up plenty of magic keys so that santa can still get into the houses which don't have chimneys!

These keys will come with their own special key cabinet which will be festively painted and embellished. This key cabinet can be used to store the key in and then before your little one goes to bed the key can be put outside ready for when Santa arrives!

In the morning your little one will be amazed to see the key has been returned to the cabinet and presents galore! The magic key worked!

It's a lovely way to keep the spirit of Christmas alive so please keep checking back to here or to my facebook page to see just what the magic key and it's special key box cabinet will look like! Availability will be limited so if you have any desire to order them in advance please do get in touch!


Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Nursery bunting

After a few busy days I have logged on to upload a photo of my latest bunting which was made for a friend's nursery.

I enjoy making the wooden bunting, it's nice to know that it will be used to add some colour and focal point to a special room in a house :)

I am working on making some bunting to say 'Happy new Year' just trying to think of a good colour scheme for this! Any suggestions welcome!

Here's pictures of the wooden bunting for a new baby!

Thursday, 11 August 2011


I'm running a special offer on my wooden bunting and name plaques.

For the next TWO people who order wooden bunting or name plaques they will receive FREE postage!

Unsure of why you may want some wooden bunting? Well there are plenty of ways it can decorate a room... you could order some Christmas themed bunting which you could hang above your fireplace, or how about some bunting to have in your hallway welcoming people to your home? Bunting hanging from your little one's cot with their name and some baby-related embellishments on it? Or how about as a gift as a wedding present with the bride and groom's new name on?

Wooden bunting is a great keepsake as well as decoration and I can make it in any colour combination and embellish it with various wooden items- stars, snowflakes, hearts, butterflies, flowers, baby related items. Any name or word is possible.

Wall plaques are not just for bedroom doors for children (although of course these are great!) but they can also be used to decorate your walls. How about hanging up in your kitchen "Gin and Tonic" Or on a teenager's wall "Den of Sin" or again for Christmas "Santa stop here" or a wedding "Mr & Mrs".

There are plenty of options whether you would like it in your own home or as a gift for a loved one.

So pop along to www.facebook.com/calico.cards to see lots of examples or just send me a message on here if you would like to place an order! Remember, the first two to place an order will have free postage!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Busy few days

Not made any new items up just yet as I have been in hospital with pregnancy-related problems but thought I would take the chance to upload a few images of items that are available from my Facebook page/Folksy shop for you to enjoy looking at!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

New wooden blog for a wedding!

Last weekend I was commissioned to make some wooden bunting to decorate behind the bride and groom's head table at their wedding. I was delighted to do so and to have my bunting used in such a different way to normal- most of my orders have been for children's bedrooms.

The wedding theme was pale yellow and black so it was nice to use these two colours together for a change!

The bride and groom were keeping their surnames so the request was for their first names and to have it decorated with butterflies and flowers but kept rather simple and 'not fussy'.

I made this yesterday whilst I was also entertaining 2year old Hope with her Playdough! I am pleased with the outcome despite the fact I was multitasking at the time!

I hope that I get the chance to make more wooden bunting for weddings as I enjoyed making it and like how it will be used to decorate a room on such a special occasion. It's a great product which can be used over again or kept as a keepsake unlike so many other wedding decorations which end up only being remembered by photographs.

Feel free to check out what else I make on facebook.com/calico.cards or message me if you're interested in having something similar made I will be more than happy to assist.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Christmas shop!

In Calico Cards and Gifts we have a variety of Christmas gifts available.

These include: Christmas themed exploding boxes, decorative wooden bunting, Christmas plaques and sweet treats.

Exploding boxes are a great way to present your gifts to loved ones. Vouchers can be rather boring and uninspiring to present but if you put it in an exploding box it can be very effective!

The decorative wooden bunting can be a great gift to a friend- perhaps have it in their name or their child's name? Or you could buy it as a decoration for your own house, why not have it read 'merry christmas' and you can display it in your hallway? or 'Let is snow' above your fire place? Any options are possible and they make great decorations which are very unique and can be used over and over again.

The wooden plaques are available on their own 'Noel' or 'Snow' or other such words or in a 3 drop plaque where you can have three words such as 'let is snow' 'santa stop here' 'holly and ivy' or whatever wording you like. Again a great decoration or gift which can be used every year.

Sweet treats are fantastic stocking fillers! These include 'snowman soup' which is a top quality hot chocolate drink complete with chocolate chips and marshmallows packaged in a decorated cone with ribbons. Other sweet treats such as dazzle drops and sugared almonds are available all presented in a cone with seasonal ribbons.

If you order from our Christmas stop in August you will receieve 10% off if you quote: Blogxmas when purchasing.

So check out what we have to offer now and get ordering!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Exploding Boxes

At Calico Cards (www.facebook.com/calico.cards) we have been making exploding boxes for a while and now that we are well into summer we are starting to make some Christmas examples up to have displayed in our facebook page.

An exploding box has a very grand name but what exactly is it?

Well it is a box made up from card and it has three different layers to it. The sides are not glued together, instead they are held together by the lid which keeps the sides up. Once you take the lid off the sides fall down revealing the inside sides of the box.

All of the sides are decorated uniquely so that it makes an even bigger impact upon opening. When we make them we try to make them look as unique and special as possible as we think that it's important to have handmade items looking special.

They can be used to present small gifts in- examples include vouchers, small soft toys, jewellery, chocolates etc. They can then be put back together by putting the lid on so it can be reused as a gift box or kept for keeping keepsakes in.

We are able to make these in any design so can have them suitable for weddings, mother's day, new baby arrivals, Christmas and many, many more. If you are interested to know how to order one then please do get in touch with us at Calico Cards.

Mossley Craft Market

This weekend we at Calico Cards took part in the Mossley Craft Market. This is a crafting event which happens every other Saturday in Woodend Mill. This was the first time that we had attended the craft market but we thought it would be ideal for us as it would have other local crafters there and it would be nice to show our products to the local market.

It was quite a quiet day without many visitors probably due to it being a new event so is still in the process of getting known. However, we did get some very good feedback from people and took several orders so it was successful for us.

Other stalls that were there included jewellery, card and craft stall, homemade jams, unique 3d models and several others. It was nice to see lots of local, talented people all together.

The market will continue to be on every fortnight from 11am-4pm and it is such a friendly laidback atmosphere that I am sure it will soon become a little hot spot for local people looking for unique items. It is free entry and the organisers are hoping to set up an activity for children to try to show their creative sides which will give the market a bit of a unique twist.