Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Mossley Craft Market

This weekend we at Calico Cards took part in the Mossley Craft Market. This is a crafting event which happens every other Saturday in Woodend Mill. This was the first time that we had attended the craft market but we thought it would be ideal for us as it would have other local crafters there and it would be nice to show our products to the local market.

It was quite a quiet day without many visitors probably due to it being a new event so is still in the process of getting known. However, we did get some very good feedback from people and took several orders so it was successful for us.

Other stalls that were there included jewellery, card and craft stall, homemade jams, unique 3d models and several others. It was nice to see lots of local, talented people all together.

The market will continue to be on every fortnight from 11am-4pm and it is such a friendly laidback atmosphere that I am sure it will soon become a little hot spot for local people looking for unique items. It is free entry and the organisers are hoping to set up an activity for children to try to show their creative sides which will give the market a bit of a unique twist.

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