Monday, 5 September 2011

Santa's Magic Key- Update!

We are working away here like busy little elves for the Christmas season! Santa's Magic Key will be released later this week!

Father Christmas likes to visit good little girls and boys every Christmas Eve and leave them presents. His preferred way to do this is to pop in through the chimney with his big bag of gifts, however, more and more houses now do not have chimneys or if they do then the fire may still be hot so Santa cannot get down it.

Children may wonder how Father Christmas can get into their house to leave them their special gifts if he cannot use a chimney well this is where the magic key comes in!

The magic key is very special, it is made just for Father Christmas and can be left outside/in the porch on Christmas Eve and he will be able to use it to let himself into the house- but only he can enter with it, nobody else can!

The magic keys that we are making here are very special as they can be used throughout the festive season as a decoration so not just put out on Christmas Eve but can be displayed before that too.

There will be two variations of the key so that you can have the option as to which one you would like:

1. A magical key which comes with a special key cabinet to store it in safely on the run up to Christmas. This key cabinet will be decorated in festive colours and embellished with glittery motifs. The cabinet can actually hold 3 magic keys so you could always buy more than one should you wish. The cabinet is free standing so can fit on a shelf or mantel piece or you could mount it to the wall it's completely up to you!

2. A magical key which comes with a festively decorated plaque for you to hang the key from on the run up to Christmas. This plaque will be painted in Christmassy colours and embellished with glittery seasonal motifs. It will need to be fixed to a wall or door but is only very light so just blue tac alone will secure it.

Photographs of the two key options will be available later in the week as well as prices.

Stock will be in limited supply and so if you are interested please get in touch soon!

The design of the key and the plaque will be completely unique to us here at Calico Cards so you will not be able to get this anywhere else!

please check out or email for information.

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