Saturday, 6 August 2011

New wooden blog for a wedding!

Last weekend I was commissioned to make some wooden bunting to decorate behind the bride and groom's head table at their wedding. I was delighted to do so and to have my bunting used in such a different way to normal- most of my orders have been for children's bedrooms.

The wedding theme was pale yellow and black so it was nice to use these two colours together for a change!

The bride and groom were keeping their surnames so the request was for their first names and to have it decorated with butterflies and flowers but kept rather simple and 'not fussy'.

I made this yesterday whilst I was also entertaining 2year old Hope with her Playdough! I am pleased with the outcome despite the fact I was multitasking at the time!

I hope that I get the chance to make more wooden bunting for weddings as I enjoyed making it and like how it will be used to decorate a room on such a special occasion. It's a great product which can be used over again or kept as a keepsake unlike so many other wedding decorations which end up only being remembered by photographs.

Feel free to check out what else I make on or message me if you're interested in having something similar made I will be more than happy to assist.

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  1. Lovely wooden bunting - a great keepsake! Impressed at your multitasking with little Hope!My girls are 10 & 12 & I can't get much done when they're around!! Look forward to more pictures & writings from you!!