Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Exploding Boxes

At Calico Cards (www.facebook.com/calico.cards) we have been making exploding boxes for a while and now that we are well into summer we are starting to make some Christmas examples up to have displayed in our facebook page.

An exploding box has a very grand name but what exactly is it?

Well it is a box made up from card and it has three different layers to it. The sides are not glued together, instead they are held together by the lid which keeps the sides up. Once you take the lid off the sides fall down revealing the inside sides of the box.

All of the sides are decorated uniquely so that it makes an even bigger impact upon opening. When we make them we try to make them look as unique and special as possible as we think that it's important to have handmade items looking special.

They can be used to present small gifts in- examples include vouchers, small soft toys, jewellery, chocolates etc. They can then be put back together by putting the lid on so it can be reused as a gift box or kept for keeping keepsakes in.

We are able to make these in any design so can have them suitable for weddings, mother's day, new baby arrivals, Christmas and many, many more. If you are interested to know how to order one then please do get in touch with us at Calico Cards.

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