Friday, 26 August 2011

Santa's Magic Key!

Does your house not have a chimney? Does your little one ask how Santa will be able to get in your house and leave presents?

At Calico Gifts we are busy little elves making up plenty of magic keys so that santa can still get into the houses which don't have chimneys!

These keys will come with their own special key cabinet which will be festively painted and embellished. This key cabinet can be used to store the key in and then before your little one goes to bed the key can be put outside ready for when Santa arrives!

In the morning your little one will be amazed to see the key has been returned to the cabinet and presents galore! The magic key worked!

It's a lovely way to keep the spirit of Christmas alive so please keep checking back to here or to my facebook page to see just what the magic key and it's special key box cabinet will look like! Availability will be limited so if you have any desire to order them in advance please do get in touch!

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